Remar's Report

Ten Tips for Getting Good Automotive Service

service_center.jpgMay 2004

Consumer Affairs agencies across the country get more complaints about poor auto repair service than almost any other area. Repair services and the skills of mechanics can vary widely. But in addition to selecting a service center wisely (see Military Consumer Justice Project tips), using these ten tips can help you get satisfactory results working with automotive service centers and technicians.

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Choosing a Credit Card that’s Right for You

January 2008

Pre-approved credit card offers continue arriving daily in the mail in spite of the recent credit crunch. Many present temptingly low introductory or balance transfer rates. Others dangle “rewards” or “cash back” programs. Their goal: to entice you to apply for their card. If you need a credit card, what factors should you look at to make the best decision for you and your wallet?

This report helps you get past the sales hype so you can truly compare what is the best offer for you. Many members find that CCU will ultimately provide the best value for their situation — competitive rates, fewer or lower fees, and caring member service.

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Is It Time to Update Your Phone Service to Get the Best Value for Your Dollar?

phone_serviceJuly 2004

What phone services do you currently have? Local, wireless, long distance, international long distance? What phone services do you really need? There are lots of choices, but what services will best fit your family? By carefully reviewing your needs and the options available, you can get the best value for your telephone dollar. Here is a brief review of the options.

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