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All You Need To Know About Credit Card Hacks

Want to know a good thing about all the publicity on credit card hacks? You're probably paying more attention to the protection of your personal and financial information!

This page gives you a lot of resources for you to use to protect yourself.

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How the Credit Card Hacks Impact You

And Why It's Not a Big Deal if You're Careful

By Remar Sutton
Founder of the Privacy Rights Now Coalition

You've heard about the hacks and theft of personal and financial information of millions of Americans, right? Data thefts seem to be happening all the time.

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Don’t Like Being Tracked Online? Here’s What to Do

January 2014

I’m sure you’ve heard about businesses and advertising networks tracking our online activities. Why do they do it? Primarily, the trackers want to sell you more goods and services they think you might like or they want to sell your name to a third party that will target you with ads and offers. Like me, you may feel that such relentless tracking and information collection invades your privacy. Until recently, there was little you could do to stop or at least lessen such tracking. Now, Do Not Track efforts may provide you some ability to control this practice. This report provides more information about what you can do.

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What Are Your Responsibilities Under the Affordable Care Act?

December 2013

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 (often called Obamacare) established new rules and minimum standards for health insurance in the U.S. One important aspect of the act is the requirement that most individuals purchase insurance starting in 2014 or pay a penalty if they are not covered by insurance at work or by Medicare or other specific health insurance plans.

To make coverage possible for people who currently don’t have insurance or can’t get it, the ACA also provides new protections including:

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Where Are Your Charitable Gifts Really Going?

Tips for Wise Giving

November 2013

Americans are generous people. Each year individuals contribute billions to worthy organizations and causes. That’s about 80% of all charitable giving in the U.S. Unfortunately, such generosity attracts fraudsters and profiteers. As a wise donor, you want to make sure that your charitable gift dollars are used wisely and responsibly. You also want to avoid those scam artists and phony charities that prey on people's generosity.

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