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Technology Has Changed the Way We Work

Many people credit technological advances to job displacement. However, it also has led to innovation and increased access which has created jobs for individuals on the shared economy.

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5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Renters Insurance

Two months ago my fiance' and I entered our home to find a torrential downpour occurring in our bedroom. It was absolutely awful. We aren't sure how long it had been pouring but one of our dressers and all of its contents were soaked.

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Is Your Subprime Card Hurting You?

Most people who have experienced bad credit can agree that the following information often indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You're Pre-Approved.

These words often mean that a lender is open to taking a risk on you. Not to downplay the importance of increased piece of mind, reduced stress levels, and the ability to actually allocate money in growth vehicles of your choosing, but one of the many joys of improving your finances is becoming wanted again.

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Be Aware of These Scams Targeting Women

I encountered my first online scam as an undergrad. I was looking for a roommate and received an inquiry via a popular online forum that seemed legitimate. A few conversations later the prospective renter asked me to deposit a check for them. I found out from a friend that this was a scam people were using to obtain a person's account information.

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6 Tips to Remain Focused and Avoid the Holiday Hangover

The most won"debt"full season is officially here! Major department stores are adorned with red, white, and green holiday decorations, lights are twinkling, artificial snow blankets display floors, and the comforting sound of our favorite carols fill the air.

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