Shopping on your Own

condosStart your search by driving through your targeted neighborhood and see what’s for sale. Ask friends and co-workers if they know of any homes for sale. To search for listings in the area put the phrase “multiple listing service” along with the town or state in your favorite search engine to find the local MLS in order to search for listings in the area. Many individual real estate agencies post their listings on websites, too. Also check out the newspaper ads and the free real estate sales booklets (available at many stores). All of these sources can help you determine what is available in your price range and chosen area.

You can also visit open houses and model homes. Be aware that any real estate agent you meet will be working for the seller—don’t disclose any information you don’t want the seller to know. Also if you are working with a buyer’s agent or a real estate attorney, when you sign the “guest book” at open houses and model homes always include “represented by ______ (your agent or attorney’s name). Doing this protects against the seller’s agent possibly claiming they alone represent you for that home.



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